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Welcome to Statutory Inspections Ltd - Professional THOROUGH EXAMINATION under LOLER & PUWER 1998 Regulations, by COMPETENT Engineers.

Approved Safe Contractor,CHAS,BITA,CFTS & ISO9001 regulated. Documentation accepted under HSE Regulations, covering all of your Legal Requirements

1.    L.O.L.E.R examinations of industrial equipment & residential for patient care
2.    PSSR Pressure Vessel and Pipework Examination & Written Scheme
3.    Passenger Lifts & Goods Lifts
4.    COSHH & LEV

We are nationwide and airport side approved.

Request a site survey for a complete solution and Thorough Examination Scheme for all your Statutory Inspection requirements. For a sample of our online report system SiLog (stored for you on our secure web log on) please contact

Don't leave yourself exposed using Lifting Equipment without a Thorough Examination, its a Legal Requirement under LOLER 1998 & PUWER 1998 Regulations. Passenger Lifts, Person up cages, Access platform and VNA Narrow Aisle ie anything that lifts persons is 6 monthly inspection requirement.

Geoff Willis Managing Director of Statutory Inspections Ltd

Wayne Cox qualified engineer of Statutory Inspections Ltd

Chris Taylor qualified engineer of Statutory Inspections Ltd

Steve Lloyd qualified engineer of Statutory Inspections Ltd

Our engineering inspectors are impartial and fully qualified.

Our dedicated office staff ensure that you comply with all requirements of legislation under LOLER & PUWER 1998 and will inform you when your equipment is next due, so you never have to be concerned in missing your due dates for inspections

Our secure online web reporting system also ensures that you never lose a document and if you need to access your reports for auditing or proof of current certification, your secure web log on, given to designated person(s) will make this very easy.

Statutory Inspections - chas approvedStatutory Inspections - safe contractor approved
ISO9001 audited and approved.

Our Head office in Leicestershire is open from 8.00am until 6.00pm. If you have an urgent requirement or query, simply email us at or ring 08000 232450 for a response the same working day. We pride ourselves in offering the best service we can to our customers at the most competitive price. That is why our customers come back to us every year.

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Businessman guilty of falsifying forklift safety document
Wolverhampton Magistrates’ Court was told that Stuart Jeavons intentionally made a false entry on a Report of Thorough Examination for the truck, a statutory document required by law to show that lifting equipment is in a good state of repair.

A Health and Safety Executive (HSE) investigation found Mr Jeavons had put the name of a genuine forklift truck supplier at the top of the report and forged a genuine examiner’s signature at the bottom...

HSE Brief Guides to assist Employers - Simplified guides

LOLER should be planned by a COMPETENT person. This is usually the operator for most lift-truck work, so they should have the appropriate training, knowledge and expertise .....

Sect 18. You should make sure the lift truck has been thorough examined by a COMPETENT person with the previous 12mths (or 6mths if lifting persons).....

If you choose to use a contractor who does not drive the equipment, who uses your staff to say "yes the brakes operate, yes there is nothing wrong with the steering, yes I can jack the forklift up to check the bearings and chassis under GN28 BITA Regulations, it will not be the inspector who only checks chains and forks legal limits that has committed to the liability involved. It will be your member of staff who could be agency or may not have the appropriate knowledge of English for complex questions.

Thorough Examination  means THOROUGH and this means checking the forklift under LOLER & PUWER.

Our engineering inspectors carry out the complete LOLER & PUWER Thorough Examination, and our documentation has no grey areas, with a tick list of everything that has been covered. Therefore taking the onus away from your Company and staff and covering your liability under HSE Regulations fully.

Next time you have your workplace transport examined, ask for proof of licences, Risk Assessment and Method Statements and make sure your inspector is COMPETENT.

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