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Why inspecting the battery on electric trucks is so important

When carrying out a Thorough Examination of electric lifting equipment, checking the safety of the battery is a vital part. From electric counterbalance forklifts to reach trucks and powered pallet trucks, the battery is the power source and as such needs to be in safe working order. Read more.

What to look for when buying a used forklift truck

When buying anything that isn’t new you are always unsure of the history of that item. Put your mind at rest with a pre-purchase Thorough Examination from a trained and experienced engineer. Ensuring the truck complies with LOLER and PUWER gives you peace of mind that the truck is safe and operates smoothly. Read more.

How much can you legally lift?

It is a legal requirement under LOLER & PUWER to have both a data plate and the Safe Working Load (SWL) clearly displayed on all lifting equipment including forklift trucks. In addition to this, where forklift trucks have an attachment fitted i.e., fork rotator, carton clamp etc, the forklift truck will need to have a “deration plate” showing the SWL. Read more.

Thorough Examination: Faults and what they mean

Once a Thorough Examination has been completed a report will be issued. Any faults found will be recorded and will have a code that relates to the severity of the fault. To ensure the safety of your operation certain faults need to be rectified before being used again. Read more.

How to carry out a pre-use daily forklift inspection

Can your operation manage without a forklift? The forklift truck is often considered the workhorse of any operation. Ensuring that it is operating both safely and efficiently is vital, therefore daily pre-use checks need to be carried out. Most faults can be found and then fixed... Read more.

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Thorough Examination: Who is responsible?

There can often be some confusion on whose responsibility it is to ensure work equipment has a valid Thorough Examination certificate. Work equipment needs to be inspected at least once every 12 months but depending on the type of truck, usage and the environment... Read more.

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Top 5 Forklift Friendly Tips

A lot can happen in a year and with the logistics and warehouse industry having a very busy period throughout the global pandemic a lot of forklift trucks have been used far more than normal. Warehouse machinery can therefore begin to show signs of wear but also become unsafe... Read more.


Statutory Inspections New Website

Welcome to our brand new fully interactive website. After years of continued investment, a new website will be the hub of our digital presence. The new main features include easy navigation, full searchability... Read more.