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Other Lifting Equipment & Lifting Accessories

In addition to forklift trucks, MEWP’s and other lifting equipment our fully qualified engineers can also inspect many other lifting accessories and associated equipment. Most lifting vehicles have the option to include numerous attachments, to ensure maximum safety and comply with LOLER and PUWER this equipment needs to be Thoroughly Examined at 6 monthly intervals under LOLER regulations and have a valid Report of Thorough Examination Report held.

To help you better understand how we may be able to help you, below is a comprehensive list of the vehicles and other items Statutory Inspections can Thoroughly Examine.

  • Truck-mounted forklifts
  • Reach trucks
  • Robotic lifting equipment
  • Scissor lifts / Cherry pickers
  • Telescopic handlers
  • Electric-powered pallet trucks (PUWER 1998)
  • Lifting accessories (Ropes, pulleys, slings, chain blocks, etc)
  • Stackers
  • Sweepers
  • Lifting beams / Lifting booms
  • Vehicle lifts 2 & 4 post
  • Dock levellers and ramps
  • Passenger lifts / Goods lifts
  • Chair lifts / Stairlifts
  • Harness and escape equipment
  • Industrial doors
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Pressure vessels and compressors (PSSR)
Reach truck lifting pallet into warehouse racking

Our engineers can conduct Thorough Examinations in most industries and other sectors.

If you have a vehicle or lifting equipment that isn't on this list or if you are unsure as to whether your equipment needs a Thorough Examination, then please contact our team. We'd be happy to answer any of your queries.

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