Very Narrow Isle Truck in warehouse

Very Narrow Aisle (VNA)

Thorough Examination of a Very Narrow Aisle truck (VNA) along with Mid and High-Level Order Pickers (M/HLOP) require fully trained, specialist engineers due to a plethora of safety devices (many invisible and unknown to the operator) installed on this type of equipment. Our Engineers are able to trick some of the safety devices to ensure they operate correctly and as expected, we drive and operate the equipment ensuring aisle sensors (if fitted) wire guidance (if fitted) all operate correctly as intended.

VNA forklift trucks require assembly following delivery to site, once assembled they then need a Thorough Examination before they can be put into use for the first time. We conduct installation inspections on all man up equipment not only checking the equipment has been assembled correctly but also the parameter settings, aisle and steering sensors. We currently conduct these types of inspections for several global manufacturers and have access to their technical departments should we have a query.

It can take up to 2 hours to fully inspect the equipment including driving in all aisles it will be operating in. We test and check steer guidance systems, end of aisle slow down, speed reduction or automatic stop and that all controls and safety systems are functioning as intended. Our engineers are fully trained in VNA inspection and have licences to drive the equipment including abseil descent. All equipment used to lift people needs to be inspected every 6 months, therefore VNA's & M/HLOP’s are required by LOLER to have a Thorough Examination every 6 months.

There are many things that can go wrong with a VNA, many of which even the driver would not realise due to the number of automated safety systems integral to the truck's design. Our Engineers can detect these faults, some faults which if not detected early on can mean the equipment being taken out of service with the resulting increase in costs and downtime.

Simply having someone visually inspect without the competency to do so, or not driving and testing the equipment correctly can leave hidden faults. Faults which may damage the equipment and could leave you liable to court proceedings in the event of an incident causing injury or any occurrence reportable under RIDDOR.

Choosing Statutory Inspections for your VNA and M/HLOP's Thorough Examinations:

  1. Fully trained and experienced engineers.
  2. High-quality service. We don’t subcontract our inspection ensuring continuous high-quality service.
  3. Visual identification to show equipment is safe and when the next inspection is due.
  4. Access to your reports and certificates whenever you need them, never worry about losing inspection documents again!
VNA truck from above