Yellow forklift trucks lined up in a yard with heavy handler in front


Forklift trucks are one of the most used vehicles within the material handling industry. Often seen as the workhorse of many operations, keeping your forklift running smoothly and safely is vital. From warehouse and logistics to agriculture and construction, the forklift plays a big part in the day to day operations.

Forklift Thorough Examinations are required at least once every 12 months but that frequency of inspection decreases to 6 months for equipment that lifts persons. It can also be reduced due to the working hours, the environment and on the type of lifting, attachment fitted. Regular Thorough Examinations are a legal requirement under LOLER and PUWER Regulations. Ensuring the safety of not only the operator and others in the vicinity but also aid the operational longevity of your forklift and operations.

Inspections may take as little as 30 minutes but could be longer on larger or more complex equipment. We aim to limit the disruption to your operation to the very minimum. Our trained engineers have all the equipment and necessary licences to not only inspect but to drive and operate the truck ensuring the forklift is safe to continue in use.

Pre-use checks should be carried out daily between scheduled Thorough Examinations. Operators should visually inspect all areas of the forklift, focusing on common fault areas such as the forks and chains. Keeping a log of any marks or areas of wear can help identify any recurring issues. You can find a daily pre-use forklift inspection checklist here.

Choosing Statutory Inspections for your forklift Thorough Examinations:

  1. Fully trained, experienced, specialist forklift engineers.
  2. High-quality service. We don’t subcontract our inspections, ensuring continuous high-quality service.
  3. Visual identification to show equipment is safe and when the next inspection is due.
  4. Access to your reports and certificates whenever you need them, never worry about losing a certificate again!
Linde forklift truck lifting grey pallets and stacking them